Victor voters to decide on operating levy


VICTOR, Mont. - The Victor School board decided Tuesday evening to ask voters to approve a $196,000 general fund operating levy.

It's to offset a projected $35,000 shortfall due to declining grade school enrollment numbers.

That comes on top of a $40,000 shortfall last year.

Superintendent Lance Pearson said the money would go to maintain current levels of programming, staff and teachers.

Pearson said in the past six years Victor has reduced its teaching staff from 29 teachers to 25.

He said when teachers or staff retire, their positions are often left unfilled.

The elementary school is down from two second grade teachers to one, and there's one physical education teacher for all grade levels.

It has cut two office workers and custodians have been cut back from 40 hours to 32 hours a week.

Pearson said to his knowledge Victor schools have not requested a general fund operating levy in at least 15 years.

Victor Schools will hold an academic fair and community dinner on April 11 when it will provide information about the mill levy

It will be a mail-in ballot election.