Virginia City stays on alert for flooding


VIRGINIA CITY, Mont. - Madison County Emergency Management is focusing on keeping culverts clear of debris after flooding in Virginia City Tuesday evening.

Crawlspaces in some homes and business took on water, but no damages are reported.

Madison County's emergency manager, Dustin Tetrault, tells us overnight temperatures dipped low enough Tuesday night to freeze any more water that was headed toward the city.

Tetrault says city crews are going culvert to culvert making sure there are no obstructions. He says debris trapped in culverts around the town, combined with melting snow, was to blame for flooding.

Tetrault hasn't seen flooding like this in years.

"I've lived here for five years and haven't seen it. Talking with some of the folks who have lived here their whole lives, they've seen flooding twice but nothing like this where water got over the road. Typically they've handled the water that's come down pretty well when it's just gotten high. This was a little bit different," he said.

No new flooding is reported in the area, but warmer temperatures could thaw ice and change that.

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