Visitors, locals cool off at Glacier National Park


KALISPELL, Mont. - With temperatures topping out in the nineties this weekend, folks are looking for ways to keep cool. Many are flocking to Glacier National Park to take advantage of the lakes and chances to get out on the water.

"Its been very hot I think very quickly this season. And the only way I can really cool off in the summertime is to get in the water," said park visitor Amber Davis.

Apgar Village is packed with visitors and local businesses say it's a welcome sign. The Glacier Park Boat Company tells us they are seeing some of their busiest days of the season so far. Everyone is looking for a way to get out on the water.

"Yeah its been real busy around Apgar, everyone wants to get out on the water with mid 90 degree weather, so were slammed, basically every boats going out," said Ian Damon, Locations Manager for the Glacier Park Boat Company.

Along with fun in the sun comes the danger of the suns rays. Visitors are also making sure to be smart while out in the heat, drinking plenty of water and putting on copious amounts of sunscreen.

"Staying cool and also being protective and staying in the shade and definitely putting on sunscreen when were out in the blazing sun," said Davis.

No matter how hot it gets, the park will continue to fill up, and visitors will continue to keep an eye on the sun to make sure it doesn't take a toll.