Voters support Parks and Trails Bond


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Voters in Bozeman showed resounding support for the Parks and Trails Bond measure. More than 13,000 people voted for the bond, passing it with more than 70% support. The $15 million bond allows the city to purchase land for new trails and parks, as well as improve and connect existing ones. The bond raises taxes on the average household by about $44 a year. The money could go towards improving east to west routes on the west side of town, fixing up the Bozeman Creek corridor and adding more soccer fields near Bronkin, to make the area more attractive for tournaments. "The only thing I can say right now is 'wow'. A lot of work went into this trails and bond measure, but yesterday we had an unprecedented turnout and over 70% of Bozeman voters voted 'yes' in support of our Parks and Trails Bond," says Chair of the Steering Committee for the Parks and Trails Bond issue Steve Schnee. Schnee says the City of Bozeman will take hold of the process from here. They're set to form a citizens' advisory group, which will develop an application process. He says the group will also develop ranking criteria to evaluate proposals and make recommendations to the Bozeman City Commission. Schnee says the process of approving projects will be a transparent, open process but that the city commission will ultimately have the final say.