Wedding songwriter reacts to newlywed murder accusation


MISSOULA, Mont. - An original songwriter who tracked a wedding song for a bride now accused of killing her husband is speaking out.

Elizabeth Shea wrote a song for Jordan Linn Graham and Cody Lee Johnson. It played at the couple's June wedding. Graham is accused of pushing Johnson off a cliff in Glacier National Park just eight days after the wedding.

Shea used information from the couple to inspire the song. On questionnaires both mentioned they loved hiking and being outdoors together. But now the song seems eerie.

"I used words like 'you helped me to climb higher for a better view,' 'you're my safe place to fall,' 'you never let me go,'" said Shea. "And so now when I hear those words it's a little creepy."

Shea met Graham, who helped sing some parts of the song. She remembers the couple as loving. In a post on her company blog 'Our Story Our Song' Shea wrote, "I didn't want to share speculation, opinion or anything that could be disrespectful to either party. This tragic situation broke my heart."

Shea's blog tells a simple story. That Johnson pursued Graham for a long time and that he would often say to her "You're mine." That became the title for the song they danced to at their wedding.