What if? Osweiler says he'll be ready if needed


MISSOULA, Mont. - Kalispell's Brock Osweiler is hoping to earn a super bowl ring in only his second professional season this weekend.

While Denver Bronco fans hope that Osweiler remains sidelined in favor of Peyton Manning for the entire game, the Flathead High graduate said on Thursday that he'll be ready to go if he's called upon to play.

"Since I was seven or eight years old playing in the back yards of Montana I was dreaming about playing in the Super Bowl and dreaming about throwing the game-winning touchdown," said Osweiler. "I'm sure there are a lot of people that hope that's not the case as far as this Sunday goes. Not to downgrade the Super Bowl because we all know that the magnitude of that game is, but at the same time I'm just treating it as a regular game and going about my business the same way as I normally would."

Osweiler says he embraces his role as the back-up to Manning and knows that he's learned an immense amount from being around one of the greatest quarterbacks that's ever played. He also knows anything can happen in the game of football and says he's ready to step onto the world's biggest football stage if he needs to.

"Absolutely. You know that's something I take great pride in, being prepared every week and being very disciplined as far film study and studying the playbook. I'm treating every rep at practice like a game rep and you know if something is unfortunate and something happens in the game and I need to go in, I will be prepared and I will be able to give it everything I have."

Super Bowl XLVIII kicks off Sunday at 2:30 Mountain Time. The 15-3 Broncos of the AFC will battle the 15-3 Seattle Seahawks for the right to be named NFL Champions.