Whitefish startup reinvents the shin guard


KALISPELL, Mont. - Three guys in Whitefish are trying to reinvent the way you look at the game of soccer. Sean Person founded Legend Soccer with his buddies Chris Fannon and Roland Benedict. They wanted to get away from the flashy nature of the sport, and the idea for a bamboo shin guard was born.

"There's a lot of futuristic products, there's a lot of bright colors in the game, and it seems to be the exact opposite of what the game is all about," said Legend Soccer co-founder Sean Person.

They chose the all natural material because it's light weight and very durable. Bamboo also represents the simple nature of the game in which they want their brand to present.

"It was kind of rooted out of simplicity, culture and history basically is what we want to represent," said Person.

The shin guards are handmade in Whitefish and members of the local soccer community are excited to see soccer represented locally.

"You know you see a lot of kids out here today in Seattle Sounders kits or they're in Portland kits, or you know all these major brands, major teams that are sponsored by the major brands. Why not something right at home," said former Major League Soccer player Damion Blackburn.

Parents are also excited to see a more simple piece of equipment on the market.

"The kids have too much pressure to stay up with the gear and really, especially in a sport like soccer, it doesn't matter," said Amy Muhlfeld.

The guys behind Legend Soccer are hoping to raise $50,000 by August 17th on their Kickstarter page in order to get the shin guards into production.

They say that they hope to open a facility in Whitefish to keep the brand local, but the ultimate goal is to be able to give back to the Montana soccer community which they know and love.

For more information on the product, check out their Kickstarter page.

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