Whitehall makes headway with water issues


BOZEMAN, Mont. - The small town of Whitehall has a Saturday deadline to come up with a plan to deal with its water supply.

Letters were sent out to residents last year letting them know the city water system was contaminated with uranium.

For weeks engineers have been testing wells around town, and now the town's mayor is reviewing results.

On Wednesday Mayor Dale Davis told NBC Montana he has a plan to deal with it.

In paperwork submitted to the state Davis said Whitehall will look at developing a new water treatment system, finding a new water supply or both. Neither solution will be a quick fix.

"It could be three or four years from now before anything is really completed. We'll know which way we're going, but the completion could be a long time down the road," said Davis.

They mayor explained that even if the well test results show acceptable levels of uranium he has to make sure those wells can supply the entire town with water.

If Whitehall decides to go the route of a new treatment system Davis worries about the long-term costs. He says the town will apply for grants to help fund the solution.