Whitehall mayor: Brass, not gold in town water


BOZEMAN, Mont. - The mayor of Whitehall announced that officials think they've found what's behind mysterious flakes showing up in town water, and it's not gold.

Mayor Dale Davis said in a release Tuesday that they were sure that the material was brass shavings from a pump that was replaced last year.

The investigation came after residents reported gold-colored flakes in water coming from their faucets and in their toilets.

One resident told NBC Montana he used chemical tests to determine what those flakes were, and believed they were gold.

The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) tested the water last week and found nothing harmful, though gold is not a regulated material in water and was not part of the testing.

The city said after further investigation, they think it's actually brass from the replaced pump. There are no water quality standards for brass, but the city said there's no threat to the public.

According to a release from the DEQ, brass is a very common material used in public and private water piping.