Whitehall takes first step in ambulance lawsuit


BOZEMAN, Mont. - The town council in Whitehall gave their attorney permission to file a lawsuit in connection with the Whitehall Ambulance Service.

In 2015, members of the Whitehall Ambulance Service petitioned to create a district with Jefferson County, leaving out Whitehall.

The Jefferson Valley EMS and Rescue has since formed and is now out of the control of Whitehall. This new service only responds to 911 calls within the city if callers specifically ask for Jefferson Valley EMS.

NBC Montana obtained the motion to file a lawsuit. It allows the city attorney to sue Jefferson County through the office of the sheriff, the Department of Public Health and Human Services and any other party who may have caused "damages to the Town of Whitehall by their interference with the Town's Ambulance Service."

NBC Montana reached out to Whitehall City Attorney Ed Guza for comment. He declined an interview. Instead, he said over the phone that he is not at the stage where he can make a public comment.