Wife of alleged victim testifies in attempted murder trial


BOZEMAN, Mont. - The wife of alleged victim, Henry McDunn, shared an emotional testimony with the jury Friday.

Emotional testimony today from the wife of the alleged victim in the trial of Diana Arnold. We told you when the Diana Arnold trial got started on Wednesday. Arnold is accused of shooting her former tenant in the head and chest after she was ordered to pay him $1,500 in a dispute over a security deposit. We heard testimony this morning from an evidence technician. The doctor who treated both Arnold and the alleged victim Henry McDunn also took the witness stand, but some of the most compelling testimony came from the alleged victim's wife, Kathleen McDunn. She told jurors how she arrived home to find the door open with her husband's keys inside. Postal mail was in a mess on the floor, but McDunn says she didn't think anything of it until she heard her husband shouting from a bedroom. She says he yelled, "She shot me. Call 911!" Prosecutors played the 911 tape for jurors. Dispatcher: "Do you know who shot him?" Kathleen McDunn: "Who shot you, David?"... "Diana Arnold." Dispatcher: "Where did she shoot him? Kathleen McDunn: "Where did you get shot?" ... "In the head and the shoulder. In the head." Henry McDunn is also set to testify. We'll let you know when that happens.