Woman arrested for prostitution in Bozeman

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Bozeman Police said on Saturday, they received a call from the TLC Inn that several men were going in an out of a room a female was staying in.

After patrolling the area, police say they found an apparent customer leaving the hotel. Court documents say police pulled the man over, and he admitted to paying $200 for engaging in sexual intercourse with the female.

Later that night, they arrested 24-year old Idaho woman Linda Matlock for prostitution. A man was also in the room, and according to charging documents, Matlock said it was her boyfriend.

Court records say she told police her and her boyfriend had been traveling to different towns and staying for a few days in each to prostitute. When police searched the wallet of Matlock's boyfriend, they found $3,750 in cash.

NBC Montana did talk to the owner of the TLC Inn, Melissa Moreno, who just bought the hotel several months ago.

She said they were on top of making sure the alleged prostituting stopped in it's tracks because they have a zero tolerance for criminal behavior and drug activity.

Moreno said they instituted a comprehensive security program to ensure the hotel and it's guests stay safe and crime free- like a security surveillance system and training for employees. She also said they recently installed electronic locks.

The TLC Inn partners with the police, she said, so they can catch and stop any suspicious activity.