World Cup watch party brings community together


MISSOULA,Mont. - Fans in Missoula packed a downtown bar and restaurant to watch the United States World Cup game against Germany.

Alan Bowman stood out in a sea of fans with his American flag draped around his body. He's been at the Top Hat Lounge to watch every U.S.A. game and has been a fan since he was born. He, along with hundreds of others wore red, white and blue apparel and were excited to cheer on their team. Longtime Grizzlies fans told NBC Montana they were surprised at the turnout and haven't seen so many people come out to watch another team play on TV.

"I've never seen a crowd like this in Missoula, ever," said U.S.A. soccer fan Joe Foreman. The owner of the Top Hat Lounge was asked by leagues from around the city to show the World Cup games on the big screen. Now, hundreds show up to the watch parties. "We thought it'd be a great opportunity, a great thing to do," Top Hat owner, Nick Checota said. It was a full house and whether fans were there to route for team U.S.A or Germany, everyone was enjoying the sense of community. "It's a cool community event and it's great to have everyone in here, we have families, we have kids, adults, its been a lot of fun to bring everybody together to watch on one big screen, as a big group together," Checota said.

But despite team U.S.A. losing, they move on to the next round and soccer fans are ready for what is to come.

The Top Hat Lounge also plans to show the next World Cup game on the big screen.

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