Yellowstone officials dispel evacuation rumors


YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK - Yellowstone is not being evacuated and no, the supervolcano is not erupting. That is the message from park officials about a rumor prompting calls from people and media all over the country. Yellowstone Park Spokesman Al Nash says the rumor came from a website called Civic Tribune. He says no one has heard of the one-page website until now. Nash says the web page looks professional, but you can't find out who the source is. He says the park and surrounding businesses are getting many calls and emails. According to Nash, "What they said on their website, that was also a Facebook post, was that Yellowstone was evacuating because an eruption of the supervolcano was imminent. And they used a photograph of a volcanic eruption from the Phillipines in 1984 to illustrate their story." Another web-based Yellowstone rumor made the rounds last spring, when someone posted a clip of bison running into the park and they said the bison were running out of the park away from an earthquake.