Young girl apparently fine after Splash Montana rescue


MISSOULA, Mont. - Staff at Missoula's Splash Montana say a young girl appeared to be fine after being revived at the water park.

Preliminary reports indicate the girl, around 5 or 6 years old, was spotted by a lifeguard floating in the park's larger pool. Park officials say the girl was at Splash Montana with friends.

The facilities were temporarily shut down while medical staff checked the girl out. She was then transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital for further examination. NBC Montana caught up with one mom who says she witnessed the ordeal. "I watched two lifeguards pull her body out and she was lifeless, I would say. She wasn't moving at all, and I watched them do CPR on her and they pulled her to the side and that's when she started coughing and crying," said Jennifer Noble, who is visiting from Germany. Noble says she was concerned that some younger kids were using the park's larger pool because the smaller pool area, known as the Splash Pond, was closed down for repairs. "I don't think the little children would have been over in the pool had (the Splash Pond) been up and running," said Noble. Missoula Parks and Rec Aquatic Supervisor Eric Seagrave says young kids use all three pools at the facility. "I don't know necessarily that it's a sure thing to say that a child is over in that pool because the other pool's closed, but, at the same time, it could be true. Younger kids can be in over their heads in the Pond as well," said Seagrave. Seagrave says safety is key, and this type of incident is relatively rare. He also points out that life jackets are free to rent at the facility, and his lifeguards are well trained. He was relieved to find out the girl was apparently fine. "I'm glad. Of course you never want any child to suffer any damages or have any injury," said Seagrave. Meanwhile, parents like Noble will keep a close eye on their kids. "Make sure that you know your children's limits and what they're capable of, and tonight I'll be hugging my little ones closer," said Noble.