Youth ski league jamboree goes on day late because of weather


BOZEMAN, Mont. - The weather in the Bozeman area Saturday delayed a youth ski league jamboree at Bridger Bowl, pushing it back to Sunday afternoon. Just over 100 kids were initially signed up to race on Saturday. That number was down to around 70 on Sunday, event organizers tell me they think that is because they had to move the event back a day. It is the last race of the season for the youth ski league, with the majority of kids racing between the ages of 6 and 13. The kids work with coaches all year from the Bridger Ski Foundation and Sunday's event is like a grand finale to top the season off. While the weather may have had kids cooped up on Saturday, the sun was out Sunday afternoon and kids were ready to race. We asked some of the kids what their favorite part of racing is. "Um, not sure, going fast probably," said Soren Fanning. "All of the nice snow and that its not cold anymore," said Avery Dickerson. "It's very fun when you get new turns and when you first start you still fall but you get back up and you try again," said Kennedy Henyon. Organizers say the kids can race at temperatures as low as 10 degrees as long as there is no wind and the sun is shining. But in case of bad weather like the Gallatin Valley saw on Saturday, they always ensure to have make up days built in so the races can go on.