Officials: No children killed in California shooting


CORNING, Calif. - Update as of 1 p.m.: According to the Tehama County Sheriff's Office, no children were killed during the shooting Tuesday morning. Officials are not releasing information about the four people who were killed during the incident.

Officials said ten patients are being treated at local area hospitals but their conditions are unknown at this time.

Original Article: Officials said they are investigating seven scenes in connection with the shooting that took place in Rancho Tehama, Tuesday morning that killed five people, including the shooter.

"It's a very sad day for us here in Tehama County," said Undersheriff Phil Johnston as he addressed the media.

Johnston said calls came in at 7:52 a.m. about a shooting on Bobcat Lane. Following those calls, more calls came in of multiple shooting sites, including at the school.

Johnston said it was clear early on that they had a subject that was randomly picking targets.

Johnston said they have received reports about a domestic violence incident that involved the suspected shooter, whose ID is not being released.

One student was shot and they have been transported for treatment. Another child and a woman was shot while driving in a truck. Officials said the mother is in critical condition and the child has non-life threatening injuries.

Johnston said they do not have an accurate count of all those who have been injured. Johnston added they know that the shooter was engaged by officers shortly after arrival and they believe the shooter was killed by two officers who engaged with him. Both those officers have been secured from the scene.

Johnston said a semi-automatic rifle and two handguns were retrieved from the scene.

"We currently have seven shooting scenes that we have yellow tape around that we will have to process. We have requested the Department of Justice and their investigative evidence team to respond. Additionally, the FBI has volunteered their crime scene investigative unit," said Johnston.

Coy Ferreira, whose daughter is a kindergarten student, was dropping his daughter off for class just before 8 a.m. when he heard what sounded like a firecracker. A school secretary ran out and yelled for the kids to get in the classrooms because someone was shooting at the school.

"I was walking my child to the classroom because they blew the whistle for the first bell, and when that first whistle blew it sounded like a firecracker went off and we all stopped and were stunned. Then, like a minute later, there were three more shots fired," said Ferreira.

Ferreira said he ran into a classroom with 14 students. He said the series of shots came through the classroom windows, hitting one student. Ferreira said a young boy was shot in the foot and the chest. When he spoke to us, he said the child was alert and talking. He said another student in an adjacent classroom was shot under the arm. That child was also conscious.

"Within a minute we were all buckled in our classrooms and all of a sudden there were gunshots going for a good 20-25 minutes. My window was hit by a few shots and a student was injured in my classroom. He got nailed somehow, it happened all so fast," said Ferreira.

Ferreira said of the child who was shot in his classroom, "He's a really strong kid. I didn't know he was shot for a good thirty minutes until I got up to walk to the office in the classroom and I saw he had bloody clothes. He started crying and I informed the teacher that he was shot."

Ferreira said he saw a man in his 30's-40's dressed in green camo running away from the school after the shooting. Ferreira added he believes the gunman would have had to of shot from an elevated ramp in order to see the students who were hiding under their desks.

Officials were telling residents in the Rancho Tehama area to stay inside their homes until they are able to secure the situation.

Students at Rancho Tehama Elementary were evacuated to the Rancho Tehama Recreation Hall. Parents can pick up their children there.A witness named Tiffany, who operates Coffee Addiction Coffee Shop near the school, told KRCR News Channel 7 she heard 90-100 shots fired.

She reported seeing a Honda drive by with the windows shot out. She also saw at least five ambulances responding to the area.

Tiffany's husband, Brian Rodgers, said another witness reported seeing a white pickup drive through the school gate and start shooting.

Rancho Tehama is a community of about 1,485 northwest of Corning.

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