Bobcats O-line sealing two big holes left after week one of fall camp


Montana State's offensive line headed into fall camp only needing to fill the center position, a big enough task in and of itself. They then lost starting left guard Kyle Godecke, who suffered a foot injury in the first week of camp, leaving two big holes to fill. "Godecke's one of my best friends out here," said sophomore guard JP FLynn. "So that was really disappointing seeing him go down, brought a tear to my eye. But we adjusted. Kyle's got a positive attitude about it. He'll be back soon enough." "Kyle is a good player, he'll be back before the end of the season," said MSU head coach Rob Ash. "So that's the good news. Meanwhile, we have five really good starters and we're trying to develop who six, seven, eight, nine and ten are." It only took one week at camp to decide who those five starters would be, though players have shuffled positions from last season. "We've solidified the starting five," said offensive line coach Jason McEndoo. "Joel (Horn) going to be the center, Alex Eekhoff at right tackle. That was kinda the battle that was going on. Quinn catalano will be the right guard, JP will move over to left and then John (Weidenaar) will move to left tackle." One key piece to this transition was senior Quinn Catalano, who started at guard last season before moving to right tackle for the final 8 games of the year. But now he is heading back to guard and he couldn't be happier. "I'm very comfortable there, that's why I love it," said Catalano. "I'm very comfortable. I played a whole year there and about half a year there, so I'm excited. I think it's an insurance for coach McEndoo. He knows I can play anywhere. I know the whole o-line, I know all the positions. I think that's just really gonna help the o-line." "Quinn Catalano is worth his weight in gold," McEndoo said. "I mean, that guy can play any position across the front. He's a savvy vet, he knows the offense. So really his ability to move him around as a multiple piece really helps me as a coach." As the old saying goes, 'it all starts up front,' and this offensive line is ready to show that the only holes in this line are the ones they'll be opening for their running backs. "We've got a lot of swag on the o-line this year," Flynn said. 'We've got a brotherhood out there. Fun playing with those guys, so we're really looking forward to what's to come."