Grosvenor gearing up for second straight trip to NCAA championships


The goal of many college track and field athletes is to compete at least once at the NCAA Outdoor Track and Field National Championships in their collegiate career. Montana State junior Grant Grosvenor has been to the sports biggest stage and is now getting ready to make his second straight appearance.

"It's been a good year man," said Grosvenor. "It started off slow, but just to be able to come back and qualify at the right time, it's good." "It's really exciting to have kids on the national stage," said MSU track and field head coach Dale Kennedy. "One, for them personally, it is such an honor. Selfishly for Montana State University, it has us on the national stage and puts the track program on the national stage." Grosvenor, who currently holds Montana State records in the 800 and 1500 meter runs, finished 12th overall at the championships in the 800 meter run last year. While fans may think a win comes down to the most athletic competitor, Grant says it really comes down to intellect. "Everybody is fast," Grosvenor said. "It comes down to who's almost smarter. So to me, it's just being smarter and more intelligent and aware of my surroundings." Track meets at Montana State don't typically fill the stands at the track and field complex, but the stands in Oregon are going to be full and that can be quite intimidating for these athletes. "Kids can get stage fright the first time," said Kennedy. "You get there, and especially when you get to Eugene, it's just the ambiance and the environment at Eugene is just so incredible. I really can't put it into words." "They bring out copious amounts of fans and it's loud and it's an energy unlike anything else, especially for track," said Grosvenor. "Spectators are kind of an issue sometimes, but not in Eugene. It's sweet."

Grosvenor will first run next Wednesday, June 11th at 3:30 p.m. Mountain time.