Montana weightlifting club helping crossfit athletes on eve of Showdown


Crossfit has become America's favorite fitness program, gaining new athletes and followers daily. But with this new fitness craze, injuries have become prevalent, with new lifters attempting big olympic lifts without learning the proper techniques "The thing is with crossfit, it's generally using a lighter weight, doing a lot of reps," said former U.S. Olympic weightlifter Mike Karchut. "And the focus on olympic lifting is to, of course, lift your maximum for a single attempt and in order to do that your technique has to be perfected." Bridger Crossfit West will host the 5th annual Bridger Crossfit Showdown on Saturday and West's athletes got a treat Friday, working in conjunction with the Team Montana Weight Lifting Club. "It's a really big crossover," said Kathleen Winters, the head of the Team Montana Weightlifting Club. "You see the biggest names in crossfit, they're doing mostly olympic weightlifting and a lot of strength stuff, more squatting, olympic lifting, power lifting. So it's a really valuable thing to have the weight lifting club here." Crossfit workouts typically consist of exercises using moderate weight for a lot of reps, done in a certain amount of time. That will be done tomorrow, with 5 crossfits workouts in the day. Tomorrows showdown however, will also contain one max lift exercise, making form even more crucial "There is going to be a max effort lift tomorrow in the showdown," Winters said. "So we thought we'd give them a little extra help for today." "The idea of just snatching the way most crossfitters do it, they tell them generally just pull it as high as you can and get under it," Karchut said. "Which is not the way you're gonna lift a heavy weight. So what we're focusing here on with these crossfitters is to get them to improve their technique." With a brutal workout ahead of these competitors tomorrow, these coaches hope these athletes will focus on their technique to avoid injury and have a cleaner, better performance. "Generally you see with a light weight, you show the technique and you see that they're doing very well," Karchut said. "But then, all of a sudden, you start adding heavy weight and the mind takes over and it says, 'forget all that technique and let me just get it up any way I can.' If they would just focus on olympic lifting a little longer to perfect that technique, of course they would do much better than the other ones that don't do that." The Showdown begins tomorrow morning at 9 a.m.

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