Quarterbacks the focus at second week of Bobcats' fall camp


In just 18 days Montana State will hit the field in Arkansas for the Bobcats' first regular season game of the season.

The focus at camp has now turned to the quarterback position, as a starter has yet to be named, though it is believed that a starter will be named by the end of this week. Jake Bleskin and Dakota Prukop are even on the depth chart after Saturday's scrimmage, but that hasn't made them any less confident. "We're all confident in the quarterback room," said Prukop. "You have to be confident to play quarterback. So a lot of confident guys, lot of good guys, good competition and the guy that's best for the team, that's who it's gonna be." Both Bleskin and Prukop played well in Saturday's scrimmage, but they say improving from that game and learning from the tape will be the keys moving forward this week at practice. "Everyday that we come out on the field, no matter if we're scrimmaging, if we're doing a walk through, we've got to get better someway," Bleskin said. "It was great to see what we could do in the scrimmage, go on some live action. But a lot of that we already knew what some guys could do." "We got 60 live plays and that's a lot of tape to work on," said Prukop. "Lot of stuff to learn from." One man these two were battling, but now will be relying on, is quarterback turned wide receiver Tanner Roderick. Roderick went from battling for the starting quarterback role in the spring, to helping lead the receivers in the fall. "I'm excited," Roderick said. "Been having a lot of fun at camp and I think it's gonna help the team out best. It's good to have depth now and get some guys in and get a lot of reps down." "Tanner spent the spring in the quarterback room and he had to learn all the plays," said Bleskin. "And I think that helped him as a receiver because you just understand the concepts." "It helped him a lot because he's not just playing receiver from just one receivers perspective," said Prukop. "He's looking at the big picture. He's understanding concepts and you can definitely see improvement from the receiver position from him."

With changes across the offense the biggest question still remains, who will succeed DeNarius McGhee when the Bobcats take the field on August 29th?