Two former NCAA champions host lacrosse camp in Bozeman


Two former college lacrosse stars came to Bozeman this week for an all girls lacrosse camp,hoping to grow a sport still in it's youth stages in Montana. "It's exciting to teach where they haven't been playing since they're two years old like it is in Philadelphia where I'm from," said Colleen Magarity, a three time NCAA national champion at Northwestern. "You're basically born with a lacrosse stick in your hands." "It's been really interesting," said Bozeman resident Isabel Colon, who is playing lacrosse at a boarding school in Massachusetts. "I've learned a lot. I think my basic skill level was incorrect on their standards, so it was really interesting and I could feel myself improve." Magarity, an assistant coach at Colorado, is hosting the camp with Hilary Bowen, a former teammate and now assistant coach at the University of Southern California.

Bowen, is no stranger to the game, winning four NCAA national titles while she was at Northwestern. She says the girls in Bozeman are absorbing the techniques and skills she and Colleen are trying to pass down. "What we love about coming to a new area, where there's a lot to learn, they're excited about it and you can see it in their eyes," said Bowen. "They want to learn more and they ask a lot of questions. So that's really fun to be able to kind of give all of our knowledge. They're kinda sponges for it."

Hilary and Colleen have played on lacrosse's biggest collegiate stage multiple times and say they hope that shows these girls that anyone can make it if they really want to. "I think it's cool to have Hilary and I come out here to show, like if you work on this, you can go play and that level," Magarity said. "It's just growing so fast across the country." "It's in its infancy but I think they could do really well with it," said Bowen. These girls have had a great time the last few days and we've had a great time teaching them."

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