Double rescan to restore NBC Montana signal


MISSOULA, Mont. - If you are having trouble picking up NBC Montana's signal over-the-air through a digital television or converter box, please follow these instructions to perform a double rescan of your system.

Scanning searches for and "remembers" the available digital broadcast channels.

A procedure -- sometimes called "double rescanning" -- can clear your box's memory of saved channels, which can solve the problems you are experiencing if that saved channel information is now incorrect.

There are five simple steps to a double rescan for a converter box or digital TV, which are as follows: 1. Disconnect the antenna from the box or digital TV 2. Re-scan the box or digital TV without the antenna connected. As with any scan follow the on-screen instructions or owner's manual for your device 3. Unplug the box or digital TV from the electrical outlet for at least one minute 4. Reconnect the antenna to the box or digital TV and plug the unit into the electrical outlet 5. Re-scan the box or digital TV one more time.

Please contact us if you continue to have problems receiving NBC Montana's broadcast signal.

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