Planned Parenthood MT to sue state over parental consent bill


    BOZEMAN, Mont. - The 2013 legislative session wrapped up in Montana at the start of the weekend, and now Planned Parenthood of Montana says they're planning to sue the state over a bill passed that requires anyone under 18 to get parental consent for an abortion.

    PPMT Director of Public Affairs Stacey Anderson said "We are preparing to challenge the constitutionality of HB 391 without further delaying the process with a difficult, costly, and unconstitutional ballot measure."

    House Bill 391 would require minors to obtain parental consent before getting an abortion. Right now, anyone under 16 must notify at least one parent.

    Bill sponsors say parents should be involved in medical procedures affecting their children, and that the government shouldn't place themselves in between the parents and children.

    But Planned Parenthood disagrees, saying HB 391 is unconstitutional and deserves to get struck down. "Laws like this can't force teens to talk to their parents, and the sad truth is some teens live in dangerous homes and can't go to their parents," Anderson said.

    We're told Governor Steve Bullock strategically allowed HB 391 to become law without his signature so that it can be challenged in court. He said the bill violates Montana's constitutional guarantees to equal protection and privacy.

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