Kalispell assisted living residents make heart-shaped pillows for hospital

Residents make heart-shaped pillows at Prestige Assisted Living Facility

Residents at a Kalispell assisted living facility participated in a project that gave something special to others.

"It's another volunteer project, and it warms our hearts to do things like this," said Prestige Assisted Living resident Sherly Barret.

Each quarter of the year the facility has a theme, and this quarter it is Heart Happy. It's what's inspired the heart-shaped pillows residents made from scratch to donate to patients at Kalispell Regional Medical Center.

"It was fun,” Prestige resident Margaret Shergalis told NBC Montana. “It helps other people, and it helps us as well."

It's a simple gesture, but resident Luise Eayrs knows from experience how much the gift can mean to hospital patients.

"It was a little bit of a return, because my husband had had open-heart surgery here in Kalispell, and he came home with a heart pillow,” said Eayrs. “It really helped give him comfort."

For Barret, the patient was her son. "I remember afterwards him holding that pillow he had gotten in Missoula," said Barret.

They made 17 pillows in two days, and each will go to a patient in the emergency room.

"It was really good to know we were doing something worthwhile to help those people," said Shergalis.

Giving to their community does not stop there; each month the residents have a project where they donate what they make. Their next project is making Easter wreaths for Trinity Lutheran Church.

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