House candidates bring in millions, both in and out of Montana

    Greg Gianforte and Kathleen Williams

    Just turn on the TV and you know it's an expensive election year. Together candidates for the U.S. House and Senate have raised $36.5 million.

    While the Senate candidates brought in most of that money, House candidates are raising millions too.

    Over $12.5 million has been raised in this election cycle for Montana's only seat in the U.S. House.

    Democrat Kathleen William is challenging incumbent Republican Rep. Greg Gianforte.

    We dug through pages of Federal Election Commission reports. Gianforte reported raising a little over $9.2 million. His top donors include $5,400 from Helori Graff, a Bozeman business woman, and $3,100 from McLeod's Nancy Goble.

    Open Secrets shows Gianforte reported raising over $3.5 million, or 71.4 percent, from Montanans.

    Williams reported raising close to $3.3 million total. Some $1.3 million, or 48.6 percent, came from in-state donors. A Bozeman doctor tops her list of in state contributions.

    Both candidates brought in big bucks from out-of-state donors. Gianforte with $1.4 million, or 28.6 percent from out of state. Williams reports over half of her money came from out of state -- nearly $1.4 million.

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