Yellowstone Co. officials warn parents about 'Momo Challenge'

    The Yellowstone County Sheriff's office is alerting parents about a 12-year-old Lockwood child who was selected for a MOMO challenge. (Photo: Unidad de Investigacion de Delitos Informaticos)

    The Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office is alerting parents about a 12-year-old Lockwood child who was targeted in a Momo Challenge.

    The sheriff's office explained what a Momo Challenge is: "People can access Momo through the Whatsapp through Facebook. In order to meet Momo you will be given a series of tasks to complete. These tasks must be verified through pictures and/or videos taken. The tasks progressively become more violent and dangerous. The final task has been reported as being suicide or extreme violence."

    "It takes a special kind of evil for someone who want to do that and have a kid harm themselves," said Hal Richardson, who is the school resource sergeant for Bozeman Public Schools.

    Richardson said he hasn't heard about any kids getting the challenge in Bozeman, but the more technology advances, the more common this kind of cyberbullying occurs.

    "Everybody has a computer in their hand," he added. "It gives certain people that opportunity to do something they wouldn't do face to face. The thing with juveniles is that it's constantly changing. They'll use one app today, and it'll be yesterday's news tomorrow, and they'll be on to something else."

    No suicides have been reported in the U.S., but three deaths have been tied to the challenge in South America.

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