Making a Difference: 8th grade girls create calendar to benefit Humane Society

Faith Blackaby, left, and Jillian Wynne. Photo courtesy of owner.

A couple of girls in the Flathead Valley have found a way to help the community with a little creativity.

Stillwater Christian School students Jillian Wynne and Faith Blackaby created a 2018 desk calendar called Second Chances.

The calendar features stories about shelter animals and the owners who adopted them.

All proceeds from the sale of the calendars will go to the Humane Society of Northwest Montana.

So far the girls have sold a little over 100 copies, and the calendar is still being sold at the Humane Society, Bigfork Drug, the Dog Club in Kalispell and Electric Avenue Gifts in Bigfork.

Last year the girls made a calendar to benefit local veterans, and this year they decided to help another cause.

“I thought what would sell with people?” said Jillian Wynne. “And I thought, well, everyone likes dogs and cats, so that’ll work out.”

Lori Heatherington, the executive director at the Humane Society, she says she got a call from the girls in the fall, and they took it from there.

“Everyone who sees it loves the calendar. They love the fact that these two young girls with entrepreneurial spirit put together the calendar and that it’s also these heartwarming stories about pet rescues,” Heatherington said.

Last year the Flathead County Animal Shelter took in over 1,500 stray cats and dogs. A small portion of those animals get transferred over to the Humane Society, which saw 500 adoptions last year.

Together, both organizations are helping keep animals off the streets.

“We work really hard at finding them forever homes, and fortunately we have so many animal lovers here in the Flathead Valley that that’s really not hard to do,” said Heatherington.

“We learned as a common theme that if you put a lot of work into these animals, you just get double what you gave in return,” said Wynne.

The girls say they’ll be busy this year starting high school, but they’ll be thinking about their next possible calendar idea.

Jillian's mother can be contacted at (406) 471-1177 and via email at for direct orders.

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