Administrators prepared as national walkout impacts local schools

Students doing a peaceful walkout to show their support against gun violence

Students around the country are planning a walkout Wednesday for 17 minutes, one minute for every life lost in last month’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Florida.

Missoula County Public Schools Superintendent Mark Thane says schools will be implementing their attendance policy for students who walk out.

“We understand the magnitude of the planned walkout may influence just how fluid those attendance procedures become. It may be difficult to check out such a large number of students at 10 a.m., for example, but we certainly understand and make some accommodations with those procedures, but the basic elements of our attendance procedures will remain in force,” said Thane.

Some elementary schools are participating in the walkout, but Thane said it’s mandatory for parents to sign out their children if they want to leave.

“Elementary and middle school students, we certainly wouldn’t advocated that they leave the school grounds, and we would ask that parents be very vigilant in attendance procedures, because we have a heightened sense of security and concern for young children and their attendance tomorrow,” Thane said.

School resource officers are expected to be out in force and making sure the walkouts are done in a safe manner.

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