Anti-Semitic flyers distributed in Missoula for 4th time this month

    This is now the fourth time that anti-Semitic flyers have been posted around town. (Photo: NBC Montana)

    A fourth round of anti-Semitic flyers surfaced Monday in Missoula’s University District.

    The flyers featured a disfigured service member with a controversial quote from Rabbi Ovida Yosef that said, “Goyim were born only to serve us.”

    Other flyers have referenced circumcision, pictured President Donald Trump with the flag of Israel and said “Jews attack First Amendment.”

    David Cox of Har Shalom knows that, although the flyers are hurtful, they are protected.

    “There is a line that can be crossed, but as for putting out literature that is hateful or untrue,” he said, “people get to do that because of the free speech amendment.”

    The flyers have been found in several spots around Missoula over the last few weeks.

    Cox says this has happened before, and they always respond with resilience.

    “If they want to try to disturb us or make us fearful, that won’t happen” he said.

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