Antique motorcycles make pit stop in Kalispell

In order to participate in the cross-country ride, bikers must be on motorcycles made in 1928 or before.

About 100 motorcycles pulled into the Red Lion Inn parking lot in downtown Kalispell Thursday afternoon. But, these weren’t just any motorcycles—they’re antiques.

They’re all part of the Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance Run, a more than 3,000 mile ride from Portland, Ore., to Portland, Maine. In order to participate, riders must be on a motorcycles from 1928 or earlier. The oldest motorcycle in the group is from 1911.

Ride organizers said the event happens every two years, and each year they take a different course across the country. This year is the northernmost route they’ve taken.

The route avoids interstates. Instead, riders have traveled the more than 3,000 miles on back roads.

““When you’re on the best two-lane back roads of America, you see the best sights, you smell the best smells, you get to eat the best foods,” Motorcycle Cannonball director of operations Jason Sims said. “And the hospitality of the small towns, cities, it can’t be beat.”

The riders traveled to Kalispell from Great Falls, Mont. Their next stop is Spokane, Wash.

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