Arlee basketball team releases new video, catches eye of Nike

    Both Arlee boys and girls basketball teams released a new video on Tuesday advocating for suicide awareness and prevention. Photo: Jordan Lefler, Rise Up Montana

    The Arlee boys basketball team was back in action Tuesday night against the Mission Bulldogs. But while they are well known for their play on the court, it’s their work off the court that’s going viral.

    Before playing in the 2018 Montana Boys State Basketball Tournament, Arlee released a video. In it, they advocated for suicide awareness. The named it The Warrior Movement.

    Not long after posting the video, it picked up more than 1 million views.

    Just under a year later, The Warrior Movement is back to work. The boys and girls basketball teams released a new video Tuesday.

    Sydni Rogers and Lane Schall explained the motive behind the message.

    After the first video, Rogers said people couldn’t stop talking about it. “This is going to be something that is bigger than basketball,” people told Rogers.

    "What we say and what we do also impacts other lives,” explained Rogers. “If we can do that in a positive way, then hopefully we can bring someone else up."

    Schall said that, while this issue hits home for many of his teammates, it’s a problem all over.

    “It affects not only here, but the next few towns over, like Mission, Ronan and Polson,” said Schall.

    It was a packed house at St. Ignatius High School on Tuesday night. The Warriors beat the Mission Bulldogs 74-59. But at the end of the day, Schall said it’s the end goal that matters the most.

    "We like to win basketball games and everything,” reiterated Schall, “but we're here for the bigger picture, and that's to save lives,”

    Nike caught wind of the work the Arlee basketball program was up to. The company sent the teams warmup gear, jerseys and basketball shoes.

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