Armed and dangerous fugitive arrested near Bozeman

Shaunesy Cole taken into custody. Photo Courtesy Park County Sheriff's Office.

It was a more methodical search Thursday as the search for 36-year-old Shaunesy Cole moved into its second day.

Cole had been on the run near Quinn Creek Road on Bozeman Pass since officials say he shot at them when he was pulled over for possible drunk driving early Wednesday morning.

This time, authorities including the FBI went door-to-door in a 15-mile search area at Quinn Creek Road.

"What we're doing today is with several SRT teams going to houses and outbuildings from the top of the Quinn Creek drainage all the way down," said Park County Sheriff, Scott Hamilton.

After 36 hours of a checkpoint and heavy law enforcement presence, one resident said it was a bit "overkill."

"I get it that he's maybe an armed individual and all that but on the same note do we need to be doing all this?" he said.

It was a neighbor who lived a few miles up from the command center who spotted the fugitive in her front yard and called authorities shortly after 1 p.m.

"She said ‘he's at my front door the guy you're looking for is at my front door’," Hamilton said.

From what that resident described, the sheriff said he believes Cole was about to break-in.

That’s when authorities moved in on Cole and released two police dogs that chased him down.

"The system worked beautifully, this is why we do it this way; systematically came right down that grange, and boxed him into that area," he said.

Cole was transported to the local hospital to be treated for dog bites before he's sent to the Park County Jail.

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