Missoula's Barmeyer trail officially open

The Barmeyer family cutting the ribbon

The new Barmeyer trail in South Missoula had it's grand opening Sunday. The new trail extends from Pattee Canyon Dr. about a mile and a half up Mount Dean Stone to a grassy overlook.

The Barmeyer family worked for years in conjunction with Five Valley Land Trust, the city of Missoula and the Open Space Bond program to donate the land and create a voluntary conservation easement. The trail was then constructed by those groups and community volunteers including a veterans group and local eagle scouts. The land is now owned by the city of Missoula and will be maintained by the Open Bond Program.

The multi-phase community partnership project across Mount Dean Stone is in its fourth year. The project has the support of over 20 partnering organizations. The project intends to extend and connect trails all the way across the 4,200-acre complex on Mount Dean Stone and connect to Miller Creek on the other side.

In addition to increasing recreation area the project is also focused on restoring forest and grassland for wildlife such as silver-haired bats, elk, mule deer and the flammulated owl.

The project also seeks to reduce wildfire fuel on the edge of town.

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