Big Sky to the Big Game: Super Bowl LII personal for Hauck family

Griz football coach Bobby Hauck to cheer on brother in Super Bowl

For newly rehired Griz football coach Bobby Hauck and his family there are big stakes in the big game this weekend as a different Hauck takes the spotlight. Bobby's brother, Tim, is the safeties coach for the Philadelphia Eagles, and they're going to the Super Bowl.

Bobby and Tim are close. They talk multiple times each week, mostly about fishing and football. Bobby tells us Tim is fired up about this weekend.

There's an inside joke the two brothers like to spread around the football world.

"We try to convince all of our buddies all around the country that Big Timber, Montana, is the epicenter of football," Bobby Hauck laughed. "Everything emanates from there. I don't know if anybody else buys that, but we've tried to sell that a lot of places."

With the careers these two have had there may be something to that.

Tim was born in Butte, and Bobby was born in Missoula. Both attended the University of Montana. Tim played for the Griz and went on to play in the NFL for seven teams over the course of 13 seasons. He played for the Eagles four of those years.

"I was always a fan for whichever team he played for," Bobby said. "Now whoever he's coaching for."

Now Tim has a shot at a Super Bowl ring. Bobby and several other family members will be in Minneapolis cheering Tim on in person. It's more than just a game for all of them, especially their mom.

"She's excited," he said. "She's never been to a Super Bowl, so she's excited about that part. You know, she's proud of her boys as all mothers are. But growing up in Big Timber, Montana, and then you start to talk about Super Bowls and Rose Bowls and national championship games and all those things, it's really a cool deal."

Hauck pays more attention to the rosters than the teams and takes pride in Montana connections.

"For us in Montana football, when you've got someone who's been associated with our program representing your university in the biggest show on earth, which is the Super Bowl, I mean it's a worldwide event. Millions and millions and millions of people will be watching it, and it's kind of cool to have somebody with Grizzly ties being involved."

It's even cooler if it's your brother.

We will be talking to Bobby Hauck again in Minneapolis over Super Bowl weekend. Make sure you follow along as we take you behind the scenes of Super Bowl LII on-air and on our NBC Montana Facebook page.

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