Bobcat fans ready for Brawl of the Wild


BOZEMAN, Mont. - In Bobcat Country there's no shortage of excitement for the Brawl of the Wild game. It's not just on campus either, people all around Bozeman are eager for the big game.

Every year Kade Embry and his co-workers play a prank on Griz fan Tony Wastcoat.

"We want to make sure that he feels the full force of the Bobcat enthusiasm around town and how much he's really loved. He's a little too smug," said Embry.

Wastcoat's office is difficult to walk through with all the Bobcat color streamers filling the room. Even if he would rather have it decorated in maroon and silver, it's all fun and games.

"The streamers are different this year. They've filled up the room with balloons in the past and they put sod in my office last year," said Wastcoat.

Eager fans aren't just at Embry and Wastcoat's office. Bozeman Deaconess Health Hospital encourages employees to wear their school colors. The hospital is also having a Bobcat and Grizzly sticker selling competition to raise emergency funds for employees. As of Friday afternoon, Bobcats stickers were outselling Griz stickers by about 300.

"The rivalry is strong, but at the end of the day we all really put patient care first. We can set our rivalries aside. We enjoy having a little bit of fun with the exchange this time of year in particular," said Jason Smith, the executive vice president of the Bozeman Health Foundation.

On the Montana State University campus you might spot a Griz fan every so often, but it is really Bobcat Country.

NBC Montana met Sierra Fisher-Dykman. She grew up in Bozeman and doesn't think there's anything wrong with a little rivalry.

"It's fun to just have that healthy competition between the two. You never know who's going to win, but you always hope it's the Bobcats," said Fisher-Dykman.

No matter which team wins every fan knows there is nothing like this Montana rivalry.

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