Bozeman area residents stay upbeat despite rough winter conditions


BOZEMAN, Mont. - With more snow on the way, it has already been a winter for the record books. On Saturday plow trucks were out on the roads, while drivers in the Gallatin Valley were urged to stay off of them if at all possible. On Sunday at Bridger Bowl we found area residents like Jason Blank who had to tough out the conditions on Saturday. "I was delivering mail yesterday, it was really cold, pretty miserable," said Blank. Blank tells us hitting the ski hill on Sunday was a nice change of pace from what he experienced just 24 hours ago. "It seems to cycle through, but this one seems to be colder, and the snow amount is definitely up there," said Blank. We also spoke to Sarah Carothers who has been through three Montana winters. "The ups and down have been a little strange, it is really cold and really warm," said Carothers. Even though this winter has seemed more out of the ordinary, she still says bring on the snow. "Overall keep the snow and the cold coming," said Carothers. Bryan Beebe is going through his very first winter here in the treasure state, and on top of that is more than 2,400 miles away from where he used to live. "We lived in Florida, so we expected it to be cold and it is. We love to ski and we have been fishing and skiing and everything, the snow it hasn't kept us from doing anything, I love it," said Beebe. He is not even letting sub-zero temperatures and dicey road conditions over the weekend get his spirits down. "Yesterday I ran my truck into a snow drift. My daughter and I had to walk back in the blizzard conditions, so that was kind of exciting," said Beebe.

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