Bozeman police offer active threat training

School resource officers Clint Anderson and Eric Vandersloot lead an active threat training at Bozeman High School.

The Bozeman Police Department led an active threat training at Bozeman High School's Berg Library for several parents Thursday.

The training focused on the run, lock, fight approach over the course of an hour. School resource officer Eric Vandersloot told NBC Montana the the yearly parent training is a condensed version of the training school district staff receive throughout the year.

Vandersloot said the Sandy Hook shooting led to a newfound focus on educating students and parents.

"It was developed after Sandy Hook brought that kind of into the forefront that it's important that our teachers and students don't have to just be victims," Vandersloot said. "They can stand up and do something during a tragedy like that."

Parents were taught how to barricade doors and use defensive tactics to fight off an active shooter.

"We're doing something in our community," Vandersloot said. "We're not sticking our heads in the sand and saying something like 'that couldn't happen here.'"

Vandersloot said Bozeman's school resource officers will attend a safety conference for further training at MSU this summer.

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