Bozeman Public Library now offers business mentoring

The Bozeman Public Library is now offering business counseling for local entrepreneurs and small-business owners. (Photo: NBC Montana)

Entrepreneurs and small-business owners in Gallatin County can now get business mentoring at the Bozeman Public Library at no cost.

The city is partnering with the Blackstone Launchpad and Small Business Development Center at Montana State University to open a new business center at the library.

The creators of the program say the library was a prime place to connect with residents.

Eli Bowe, who is working with the city's Office of Economic Development, says many libraries across the country are starting to offer businesses centers.

People can expect 20-minute one-on-one sessions where they can seek advice or be directed to resources in the community.

Bowe says all questions are welcome.

"For example, if they're thinking, 'I'm thinking about starting this business; I have this idea, but I want to get a little bit of feedback, does this sound like a workable idea?' or, for example, if someone already has a business but they're having trouble with cash flow or looking for a loan, they can come in with that question," said Bowe.

The sessions start next Tuesday, and they'll be held from 1 to 3 p.m. at the second floor of the library at the computer lab.

You can sign up for an appointment online at the library's business center page.

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