Bozeman ranks fifth for most 'dynamic micropolitan' in country

    A new study ranked Bozeman the fifth most dynamic micropolitan. (Photo: NBC Montana)

    Bozeman continues to make the lists for top "micropolitans," and now a new designation.

    The city of Bozeman ranked number 5 in a study by the Walton Family Foundation for most dynamic micropolitans.

    The study takes into account how much economic opportunity residents have, with factors like job growth, wage and income gains, and the number of total jobs at young firms.

    The study analyzed 531 micropolitan areas in the U.S.

    The Bozeman Chamber of Commerce says it's been working at this type of economic development for years.

    "If you look at the photonics industry, the technology industry and the code writing industry, we're starting now to see Montana State University research and development; the degrees that we're offering are now matching those up with the kind of companies we want to recruit and have been able to build here in Bozeman," said the chamber's CEO and President, Daryl Schliem.

    A micropolitan is defined as a city or county with less than 50,000 in population.

    Coming in first place was Pecos, Texas followed by Summit Park, Utah.

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