Bozeman School District finishes kitchen expansion


BOZEMAN, Mont. - The Bozeman School District finished up its 13-month-long construction of its central kitchen, just in time for the school year.

Bozeman School District's support services supervisor gave NBC Montana a tour of the larger, more energy- and labor-efficient equipment.

Currently, the school district provides 2,300 meals to students per day. But the district is adding about 100 more students per year, and they were at capacity before finishing the central kitchen.

"It increases the safety factor, the more crowded you get, the more accidents can occur," explained Support Services Supervisor Bob Burrows. "It also increases food safety on top of that. There comes a point where you can only produce so much food in so much time, and we were at that point."

The new facility can accommodate the growth of three more elementary schools, a new middle school and a new high school.

The central kitchen was paid for through bonds passed in 2012.

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