Bullock will not attend DNC, still endorses Clinton


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Montana's governor will not be going to the Democratic National Convention later this month. Elected delegates and superdelegates from around the country will be headed there but Gov. Steve Bullock has other plans.

Bullock met with Montana business leaders in Billings this week while other top Democrats from the state get ready for the convention in Philadelphia.

"I think, at the end of the day, I'll continue to be focused on Montana a lot more than national politics. I think doing my job here is a lot more important than going to some national convention," he told NBC Montana.

The governor did endorse Hillary Clinton, but he'll tell you he doesn't like her policies on coal. Just this week a large Montana coal plant announced it is shutting down two of its four units to limit how much it pollutes. Colstrip employs about 360 people but it is not clear how many are at risk of losing their jobs.

Bullock added, "I had said quite a while ago that I would be supporting our nominee, and I will be doing so. Now I do have issues with her. I mean some of her statements on coal and some other things certainly frustrate me."

He went on to say doing his job here in the state is a lot more important than national politics, but his staff would not allow NBC Montana to ask any other questions.

Aside from Bullock, Sen. Jon Tester is also a superdelegate. He will be going to the convention and will vote for Clinton. State party chair Jim Larson and the party's vice chair all plan to support her as well. Another superdelegate, Jean Lemire Dahlman, plans to support Bernie Sanders instead. No word who the remaining superdelegate, Jorge Quintana, will vote for.

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