Butte undersheriff reflects on meeting former president

Butte Undersheriff George Skuletich shaking hands with former President George H.W. Bush.

Former President George H.W. Bush’s funeral is set for Wednesday. We talked to Butte's undersheriff who recalled the time he met Bush.

Undersheriff George Skuletich says it was during the summer of 1992.

"My brother worked for the Secret Service, and he was assigned to the SWAT team and on the detail for President Bush,” Skuletich said.

Skuletich says he was a sergeant at the time and remembers his first impression of Bush.

"He was just a very gracious, very nice man from what I remember of him. He was very tall -- I think he stands about 6'4" -- so it was just an honor to meet him,” Skuletich said.

He says it was his first time meeting a president, but they had plenty to talk about.

"He praised the Secret Service, and he praised my brother. We talked about my dad being a police officer and all of us being police officers," Skuletich said.

Skuletich tells NBC Montana he appreciates his service to our country.

"His service to America was tremendous. Starting at 18 years of age he joined the Air Force, was shot down, continued to serve America, basically until the day he died. He was always gracious, always just a great man," Skuletich said.

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