Butte School District bond passes


    A $35 million Butte School District bond on Tuesday's ballots passed 65 percent to 35 percent.

    School officials say this bond has been in the works for two years.

    The money will help offset the cost of repairing the inside and outside of the Butte elementary and middle schools.

    East Middle School will remodel its cafeteria and upgrade its security systems.

    Some of the other changes include remodeling the locker rooms, bathrooms and expanding the science labs.

    Superintendent Judy Jonart says the bond will make it easier for school officials to fund several projects at the same time instead of picking and choosing.

    She says another important part of the bond is building a suite for special needs students' physical and occupational therapy services.

    "Our kids deserve this. It's the step forward. We were well served for the last 61 years with those buildings. It's time now for the future," Jonart said.

    School officials say they hope to start making improvements as early as next spring, but part of that will depend on weather conditions.

    Jonart said they’ll also work on interior improvements during the summer so it won’t interfere with classes during the school year.

    She says they hope to be finished by summer 2020.

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