Butte school participates in Breakfast After the Bell program

Students in Butte can now go to class on a full stomach through a program led by Gov. Steve Bullock and the No Kid Hungry campaign.

Breakfast After the Bell encourages students to eat breakfast in the classroom with their peers so they’re better prepared for the day.

East Middle School officials say they started participating in the program this week.

A study from service network Deloitte shows students who eat school breakfast are more attentive during class and have a higher attendance record.

“Before the bell, kids might get here too late to eat breakfast, or maybe they want to hang out with their friends before school. We’ve seen that a lot here at East Middle School,” said Haley McKnight, a PRC VISTA member.

School officials say out of the 640 students that attend East Middle School, only a small fraction of them reported eating breakfast before class.

The No Kid Hungry campaign gave the school a $5,000 grant to offset the cost of food, supplies and staffing.

The meals cost up to $1.50 for students.

Since East Middle School started participating in Breakfast After the Bell, school officials say they see at least 20 more students participate in the program each day.

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