Butte state representative remembers Margot Kidder

The passing of Margot Kidder is hitting home for many in western Montana Monday, including state legislators.

The passing of actress Margot Kidder is hitting home for many in western Montana.

Democratic State Rep. Amanda Curtis, of Butte, met Kidder when she was campaigning in Butte for Bernie Sanders in 2016.

Curtis remembers Kidder as a strong supporter of social justice and civil rights.

Kidder was a woman of direct action, a fearless being who didn’t have time to make excuses or ask permission, according to Curtis.

"It's a huge loss for all of us who loved her dearly and looked to her for leadership. She wasn't afraid of a single thing. She wasn't afraid of saying the wrong thing or asking the wrong question, and now more than ever, I think she was just a real leader for anyone who wants to be politically active,” Curtis said.

Curtis added Kidder’s bravery rubbed off on her to be outspoken in the upcoming primary election.

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