Butte’s Snoflinga kicks off third year

Snoflinga brings on third year with lots of donations.

Butte's winter festival, Snoflinga, kicked off its third year, and organizers said donations are at an all-time high.

Opening ceremonies started at the Butte High Altitude Skating Oval Friday.

Organizers said the festival received generous grants from SARTA, the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation and Butte's Tourism Business Improvement Board.

It totaled over $15,000, including local business donations, according to officials.

Volunteers tell NBC Montana they plan to donate $1,000 to the High Altitude Skating Oval to help build an ice rink in the middle.

As for new events, organizers said this year they're adding a polar plunge, a 1-mile kids run and a mascot.

Butte resident Hazer Novich has been taking pictures of the festival for years and calls it a unique experience.

"People just don't really realize how much recreation there actually is in Butte, and that's what makes this festival cool. The people are actually getting involved. They're on the sledding hill. They're going out to Homestake Lodge, and they’re doing cross country and snowshoeing,” Novich said.

Officials said this has been the most organized year to-date, even with cross-country ski lessons and snow shoeing filling to capacity.

The festival is free and runs until Sunday.

You can find the full list of events here.

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