Canadians stop in Missoula on cross-country canoe trip

Courtesy Jillian Brown

Two Canadians are canoeing across the United States using rivers whenever possible and walking the rest of the way.

Jillian Brown and Martin Trahan stopped in Missoula partway through their journey.

Trahan says travel is a way to meet new people.

“This expedition is a nice way to discover a country and its people by the rivers. So far all the people we've met so far along the way were amazing, generous, nice -- I mean, so far Americans are the best,” said Trahan.

Canoeing from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean is expected to take seven months.

We met them on day 39 of their 210-day expedition, which they started in Astoria, Oregon. By the end of November they hope to end up at the Florida Keys.

Brown says it’s hard to pack for seven months, but thanks to amazing people they feel like they’re getting taken care of.

“We have food drops -- they're called river angels. It’s people helping us along the way that have stored food for us, have dropped rations off for us. For the most part we're on dehydrated meals, good to-go foods for dinner and lots of jerky,” said Brown.

Brown grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and lives in British Columbia now. Although she’s far from her family, she’s glad to have their support.

“My family always tells me I’m crazy, but I know they support us, even though it’s the longest time I’ve been away,” said Brown.

Trahan is French-Canadian and canoed across Canada back in 2015. He said he has planned this adventure for the last 15 months.

The two have come in close contact with three rattlesnakes, and Brown is traveling with a broken foot that happened on the second day of her travels. But she says it’s all worth it.

“I want to be able to showcase the beauty of this trip. This is our passion, challenging ourselves as much as possible,” said Brown.

You can follow their journey on Facebook and their Coursing Through America web site.

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