Candidates finalized for 2018 primary election

Montana voters participating in the 2018 primary election will have a lot of decisions to make. Voters will have to decide on races from who they send to Washington, D.C., to who will represent them in the county. Almost every elected seat in the state is up for grabs.

The highest profile races will be the re-election campaigns for Democratic U.S. Sen. Jon Tester and Republican U.S. Rep. Greg Gianforte.

Candidates for the U.S. Senate:

Timothy Adams, Green Party

Rick Breckenridge, Libertarian

Troy Downing, Republican

Russ Fagg, Republican

Steve Kelly, Green Party

Albert Olszewski, Republican

Matt Rosendale , Republican

Jon Tester, Democrat


Candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives:

Doug Campbell, Green Party

Greg Gianforte, Republican

John Heenan, Democrat

Grant Kier, Democrat

John Meyer, Democrat

Lynda Moss, Democrat

Jared Pettinato, Democrat

Elinor Swanson, Libertarian

Kathleen Williams, Democrat


There are also races for Districts 1 and 5 of the Public Service Commission.

Public Service Commissioner #1:

Rob Cook, Republican

Doug Kaercher, Democrat

Cory Mckinney, Republican

Randy Pinocci, Republican

Mark L Wicks, Republican


Public Service Commissioner #5:

Brad Johnson, Republican

Andy Shirtliff, Democrat

Henry Clay Speich, Democrat

Tyrel Suzor-Hoy, Democrat


Also expect a hot race for Butte’s District Court Judge District 2 - Department 2:

Samm Cox

Timothy "Tim" Dick

Wayne Harper

Cindy L. Walker Facebook Page: Cindy Walker for District Court Judge 2018

Robert J. "Bob" Whelan


At the county level, Gallatin County’s elected officials are also up for election. Out of the elected positions, only four are contested races.

Clerk & Recorder/Surveyor:

Eric Semerad, Democrat

Greg P. Metzger, Republican

Laura Miller Werley, Republican


County Commission District #3:

Scott MacFarlane, Democrat

R. Stephen White, Republican



Erin Cox, Democrat

Jason Humberger, Republican



Jennifer Blossom, Democrat

Kimberly Buchanan, Republican


All the State House seats and half the State Senate seats are up for election. While most House and Senate seats have two candidates vying for a seat, there are a few that have three candidates.

Senate District 32:

Pat Flowers, Democrat

Jedediah Hinkle, Republican Facebook: Jedediah Hinkle - Montana Senate 32

Francis Wendt, Libertarian


House District 68:

Seth Mangini, Democrat

Bruce Grubbs, Republican

Ron Murray, Republican


House District 71:

Jay A. Frederick, Democrat

Ray L. Shaw, Republican

Michael White, Libertarian


The primary election is scheduled for Tuesday, June 5. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Click here for a list of all legislative candidates.

Click here for a list of all non-legislative candidates.

Click here for information on all Gallatin County candidates.

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