Car careens through yard in Hamilton, medical issue possible cause

Hamilton Police Chief Ryan Oster said it's possible the woman whose car careened through a yard, clipping the corner of a house, hitting a tree and a parked car, may have had a medical issue.

Hamilton Police Chief Ryan Oster said a 74-year-old woman may have had a medical issue when her car drifted off Pine Street on the city's north side Monday.

Oster said after being cut out of her car she was able to walk to the ambulance with assistance and had no obvious physical injuries.

The woman was driving east on Pine when her car left the street, moved into an alley and drove between a lilac bush and a house. The car tore a hole in the corner of the house.

Noise of the crash brought out next door neighbor Gavin Housh.

"I noticed the car had hit the house and careened through the front yard," he said, " hit a tree and ran into a parked car."

Much of the bark on the tree had been stripped off.

Oster said he thinks a tree root on the mature tree may have upended the woman's car, flipping it on its side.

He said at this point no citations have been issued.

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